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Ice Curling Event for group from USA

2018 02 19

On the 14 of February we had a pleasure to host a group from USA for ice curling event. Event started with a video presentation and snacks on the second floor of ice arena. After short briefing 36 people group was divided in to 8 teams by four. While 4 teams were competing on ice […]

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2017 08 07

WHEN THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NATIONAL PARK CORRELATES WITH ATOMIC REACTIONS Somewhere around the oldest and with no doubt the most beautiful National park at the northeast Lithuania, another fascinating monument stands proudly waiting for its visitors. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know that now it is open for knowledge-thirsty tourists and […]

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The Power of Play!
Ideas for team building in Vilnius

2017 03 08

What to do in Vilnius besides a traditional city tour? Here are some great ideas we would like to suggest for team building activities in Vilnius.

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The Best Team Building Activities in Vilnius

2016 09 09

When managing a large company, with people who not only have different roles and duties in the organization, but often also come from diverse backgrounds and age groups, it is extremely important to invest into activities that help to build the team and create effective interpersonal relationships between its members.

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Why Vilnius is a smart choice?

2016 08 29

Why Vilnius is a smart choice? This time we want to present a short list of things that corporate groups should not miss while traveling to Vilnius for company away days.

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free fall simulator

Top summer activities in Vilnius in 2016

2016 07 14

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the city, Vilnius, the vibrant and colourful capital of Lithuania, offers a variety of fun and interesting things to do that will teach you new skills, introduce you to the city’s history, and will let you experience the city in a one-of-a-kind way!

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